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Silver Alabama pays nearly 100% spot price on all silver coins, silver rounds, silver bars, and silver jewelry. In many cases we can pay more than 100%. We are now buying all palladium, gold, and platinum metals in good condition. Call us today at (256) 615-2431 to get the highest payouts because we are the highest paying silver, gold, and platinum buyers in Cullman Alabama. We want all of your gold and silver as well as old coins that contain precious metals and every piece of jewelry that you may have to sell. Due to market conditions please call to schedule an appointment prior to your visit.

The volatile nature of silver is a hot topic around the globe for precious metal enthusiasts. According to reputable sources silver has been highly valued for many thousands of years. Up until the mid 1960's the American monetary system was in-part based upon this precious silvery-white metal. From historical evidence it has been suggested that the element AG was even more valuable than gold. Almost all precious metals investors will agree that silver is a must for any investment portfolio. In the United States and in many countries around the world, you will find that the most popular brands of bullion and coined silver are primarily:

  • American Silver Eagles
  • Mexican Libertads
  • Canadian Maples
  • Morgan Silver Dollars
  • Peace Dollars
  • Austrian Philharmonics
  • Chineese Panda's
  • Barber Halves
  • Barber Quarters
  • Carson City Coins

Historically, the price of silver was represented by its quantitative ratio to gold. Gold having a ratio of 1 and silver having a ratio of 15, meaning that there is only 15 times more silver on earth than there is gold. There are theories of suppression in the silver market, but the mind boggling fact is that silver serves as both a precious commodity as well as a valuable (important) factor for industrial applications, medical practices, and electronic components that range from mp3 players to data server center hardware. Most of the silver used in these industries and devices are never recovered which means that the ratio gap between gold and silver have already / or will become much smaller. In todays market (silver spot prices fluctuate rapidly) silver is less than $19.00 per ounce and gold is hovering around $1322 (Gold spot price has dropped) per ounce. Gold is currently valued 74 times higher than silver, but should only be valued between 13-15 times that of silver. If the prices of silver truly were reflected by above and below ground quantities then the average price of silver would be over $81.00 per ounce which is $65.00 more than it's valued at this time. If silver prices are truely and accurately set at $16.30 then the relative price of gold would be otherwise valued at $244.50 per ounce. In the end, the value margin between gold and silver must be closed by at least 59(x) or (1:15) where the monetary value of silver increases or the monetary value of gold decreases.
Q: So why do people still buy silver?
A: (longs) People still buy silver (almost every physical holder I've ever met) because it is a long term store of value and wealth even though it is extremely undervalued. One day silver prices should go up and (if / when) they do - Investors, Physical Stackers, and Intrinsic collectors will reap asset gains, monetary profits, and increased personal wealth. Some people buy it simply for it's beautiful aesthetics.

A: (shorts) Other people buy silver (paper / digital) stocks for short term profits. They buy low, sell high.

Silver Alabama will buy all known brands of bullion, coins, rounds, and gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, and palladium jewelry when you are looking to sell in Cullman.
It is no big surprise that some extraordinary coins are so well known to so many collectors around the world. Truth be told, the massive quantity of individual collectors and hobbyists that seek collectible and numismatic coins is incredibly high. That�s why it�s so important that Silver Alabama stays on top our game and pushes ahead of the curve by beating our fellow competitors by offering the best silver buying options and fair deals. Silver Alabama needs your business, so we'll do everything we can to treat you right and earn your repeat business.
If you've been buying silver for a long time do you find it strange how our fascination significantly increases when we find uncommon and rare coins especially in MS69 Condition like the American Silver Eagle coins, Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Dollars, Barber Dollars, Chinese Panda's, Philharmonics , and very old historically significant coins? In this hobby it�s very easy to ponder, dwell, and occasionally obsess upon buying silver and other precious metals that complement our abundant silver stacks. I know I�m not the only one that thinks this way right? Anyhow, we're right here in Cullman Alabama and we're willing to travel to Decatur, Huntsville, Muscle Shoals, Birmingham, and many other areas for the right buy. You can trust Silver Alabama, we do all of our math right in front of you, explain every percentage based calculation, and even show you our desired profit. Call us any time and set up an appointment to sell your gold, silver, titanium, copper, and other valuable metals.

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The world of silver takes on several dimensions so to speak. some of these dimensions cover physical weight, stackable metals, brilliant and un-circulated mint,